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Infrastructure Map

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Do you need a different kind of communication solution - or just like to take the path less-traveled?

iFactor has partnered with utilities to create a variety of solutions to specific issues, such as communication with municipal officials, regulators, and mutual assistance crews. If you need a solution of your own, contact us to see what we can do to help.

Infrastructure Improvement Map

If you’re looking for a way to improve the reliability portion of your J.D. Power customer satisfaction ratings, giving your customers an interactive map of the infrastructure improvements you’re making can help. iFactor uses the same interactive map platform that we use to create our Storm Center power outage maps and StreetLight Outages maps to show where improvements such as tree trimming, underground line maintenance, and smart meter rollouts are taking place, or where they are scheduled to happen.

Municipal Portal

Make sure you’re in compliance with a recent trend in regulatory requirements and give municipal officials in your area access to the detailed information they want with a password-protected online portal. The portal can integrate outage maps, customer and critical infrastructure information, and access to sets of alerts specifically tailored to municipal officials. We can even include tools to allow municipal officials to provide restoration priority comments based on information from your Outage Management System about critical accounts experiencing power outages.

Mutual Assistance Crew Communication

Connect the mutual assistance crews who come to help you with your Outage Management System by giving them an easy way to send status and estimated restoration time updates. Mutual assistance crew members can be authorized for a text messaging service using a list of cell phone numbers, and the service works like iFactor’s Notifi solution for customer power outage reporting.

Mobile App Photo Reporting

Your customers are already sharing comments and photos on social media, so give them the opportunity to use those comments and photos to help you. With an iFactor Mobile app, customers can take a photo directly from the app to be included with an outage report or other repair request and sent to your back-end systems for review by dispatchers and crews.