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Gas Leak Map

Gas Solutions

Would you like to automate communications for your gas customers?

iFactor gas solutions integrate web and mobile channels with your back-end systems to create consistent, automated communications for your gas customers. These solutions provide customers the information they need to understand their service and manage their accounts.

Gas Leak and Infrastructure Maps

iFactor Gas Leak Maps provide your customers with information about events in their area such as leaks being monitored, service interruptions, and shutoffs. This solution offers customers an easy-to-understand, graphical interface for viewing gas service-related information on desktop and mobile devices.

Using the same flexible map platform, iFactor Infrastructure Improvement Maps share information on projects such as service area expansions, pipe replacements, repairs, and upgrades.

iFactor Mobile™ Apps

Full-featured mobile apps offer customers the features of your website with the added mobility and GPS connection of mobile devices. With iFactor Mobile apps, customers can view and pay bills, review usage graphs, access safety and conservation tips, and find contact information.

When iFactor Mobile apps are integrated with Notifi®, customers can also manage communication preferences and receive push notifications about their account. Maps of gas leaks and infrastructure improvements can also be embedded into the mobile app for on-the-go access.

Gas Account Alerts

Provide customers the information they want and need, when and where they want it via email, text message, voicemail or mobile app. With Notifi, you can send customers information related to their accounts about billing, payments, usage, shutoffs and more. Customers can even register for alerts, authorize bill payments, ask for payment extensions, and request automated information about their current balance and usage using text messaging.

With the user-friendly preference center, customers can manage their contact information and subscribe to receive messages.