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Energy Usage Data

Can your customers see how much energy they used today? Do they have the tools to make a change?

iFactor solutions give your customers up-to-date energy usage information and mobile tools that help put them in control of their own energy usage.

Energy Usage Information

Providing customers access to their energy usage data is known to reduce consumption, driving cost savings for both you and your customers while also increasing overall customer satisfaction. iFactor Mobile apps offer customers the ability to view daily, weekly, and monthly energy usage summaries and compare their usage to previous time periods. By presenting this information in easy-to-consume graphs and charts, customers can quickly identify trends in energy consumption and opportunities for improvements.

When integrated with smart meters, the app can provide real-time energy consumption data from the meter. This level of information not only allows customers to monitor and adjust their power usage, but also helps support smart meter deployments by providing customers access to new tools and information not available in the past.

Proactive Energy Alerts

Help lower customer energy usage and move usage to off peak times by alerting customers about energy consumption and related pricing. With the iFactor Notifi solution, you can send customers alerts about events such as approaching energy usage, budget or pricing thresholds, as well as information on peak usage days and time-of-use plan changes.

Using the Notifi preference management center, customers can select settings for items such as usage and budget thresholds and identify the channels they want to be contacted in for each type of alert. These alerts can be sent by email, text message, automated phone call, or app-generated push notification.

Home Automation Tools

Today, customers not only want mobile options for managing accounts, but expect it. The good news is that mobile solutions can offer customers quick access to energy usage information and other tools to help them actively manage their power consumption remotely.

With iFactor Mobile apps, you can enable customers to do things such as adjust their thermostats, control lights, and turn outlets off and on – all from your mobile app. This additional control helps reduce energy usage and keeps customers more engaged with your utility by giving them the ability to more actively manage their energy usage.