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Billing and Payments

Are your billing and payment options keeping up with your customers’ other service providers?

iFactor solutions help you meet the expectations of today’s customer while reducing costs and improving operational efficiency.

Bill Presentment

Improve customer experience and cut mailing costs by offering customers access to electronic bills in their channel of choice. Using the iFactor Notifi alert and mobile app solutions, you can provide customers the same bill they would typically receive in the mail by email, text message or mobile app.

Alerts sent to customers email address or mobile phones using a text message or mobile app push alert offer customers a direct link to mobile versions of their bill. Using a mobile app, you can even offer access to energy usage and billing history, so customers can better anticipate monthly bills and plan for the future.

Bill Payments

Mobile payment options not only help improve customer satisfaction by making payments more convenient, but can also reduce the time between billing and payments by cutting out the mailing time of traditional payments. With digital and mobile options, now customers can make secure payments whether they’re at home or on the go.

Text messaging options allow customers to authorize payments using a payment method on file or quickly link to a mobile-optimized website for payments. Using email communications, customers can be redirected to payment options on your website or through a third-party payment processor. In addition, using the PUSH ebill solution offered in partnership with Striata, customers can make one-click payments directly from a secure PDF document they received within the email.

Mobile apps can offer a full service experience for customers, allowing them to make one-time payments or schedule payments from their mobile device. Additionally, mobile apps can help customers locate walk-in payment locations or kiosks by offering an interactive map of locations nearest to them.

Proactive and Interactive Billing Alerts

Giving your customers the option to receive billing alerts by voice, text message, email, or mobile app push alert not only helps customers stay on top of their bills, but also helps lower your operating costs by reducing phone calls to your call center and truck rolls for disconnect notices and services. The service may also help drive eBill enrollment. In fact, according to a survey by Fiserv, 66 percent of consumers said that receiving proactive alerts on their mobile devices reminding them about an upcoming payment would convince them to sign up for electronic billing.

iFactor’s Notifi alert system allows you to send billing information such as balance due, due date reminders, and past due notices by text message, email, IVR, or mobile app push alerts. Using the Notifi Preference Center through your website or within your mobile app, customers can select their preferred communication channels and preferences such as how many days before their bill is due that they want to receive an alert. Push alert bill reminders can also give customers the option to pay their bill immediately using the mobile app.