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Account Management

Do the account management options you offer leave your customers feeling empowered - or stuck?

iFactor solutions give your customers the options they need to take control of their accounts and keep up to date.

Preference Management

Improve your relationships with your customers and your compliance with marketing regulations by giving your customers robust preference management options. iFactor’s Notifi solution includes a Preference Management Center that allows customers to choose their preferred channels for every type of communication you offer.

Sending proactive messages based on your customers’ communication preferences can also reduce the number of calls to your call center by giving customers the information they want before they have to ask for it.

Mobile Account Management

Customers who use communication tools to manage their energy account have access to information that can help them manage their energy use and their budgets. Reduced energy use leads to lower bills, and can also allow your limited assistance dollars to provide help to more customers.

iFactor Mobile apps give customers an overview of their account balance and recent usage, make it easy for them to access and pay bills, and allow them to submit and schedule service requests.

Connecting the Smart Grid

Real-time or near-real-time alerts that help customers take advantage of the smart grid can demonstrate the value of your infrastructure investments to your customers.

For example, the EnergySuite platform can connect to an AMI management system and trigger an alert when usage on a particular account exceeds a threshold set by the customer. Sending the alert as soon as the threshold is exceeded allows the customer to make immediate changes to behavior. Also, iFactor’s Notifi solution can use the result of a ping to a meter to confirm power restoration before sending a restoration message.