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Streetlight Outage Maps

Do you know how your utility manages outdoor light repair requests?

Outdoor lighting repairs are an important issue for customers concerned about neighborhood safety, but managing repair requests can be a challenge. Streetlight Outage Maps can improve your streetlight management process by making reporting easier for both you and your customers.

Simple Reporting Interface

The StreetLight Outages™ solution gives your customers a simple, intuitive way to report problems with outdoor lights, with a user-friendly map interface that includes visual representations of streetlight locations and repair requests. The map also includes a search function and integrated location-based services that allow the map to automatically move to a user’s current position.

Eliminate Duplicate Reports

Once a customer submits a request for a particular light to be repaired, the map displays changes to let other customers know that you are aware of the problem and are working to fix it.

Reduce Time Between Report and Repair

StreetLight Outages is optimized for mobile devices, so customers can easily locate problem lights and report issues from anywhere. If you have an asset management system, you can connect it to StreetLight Outages so that reports from the map automatically create repair tickets.

Improve Efficiency

Collecting reports from a map provides your crews with more detailed information about the location of lights that need repairs, allowing them to make those repairs more quickly and easily. The map display, the starting map view, and the reporting form for submitting incidents can all be customized to meet your utility’s specific needs.