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Notifi Alerts and Preference Management

What if you could read your customers’ minds?

Notifi doesn’t read minds, but it does combine information about customers’ communication preferences with data from your back-end systems to automatically deliver the messages your customers want.


Automate Messaging

Once customers enter a contact in the Notifi Preference Center and subscribe for alerts, Notifi keeps track of those subscriptions and sends messages automatically when something happens that the customer is interested in hearing about. For example, if a customer signs up to receive usage reports by voice message and email, Notifi can send those messages once a week, or whenever the customer’s usage exceeds a threshold that customer set.

Personalize Your Communication

Some of your customers want all of the information they can get about their account, while others may only want to know when their power will be restored after an outage or when their bill is predicted to be higher than usual. The Notifi Preference Management portal keeps track of each customer’s preferences and gives them a single place from which to manage all of their contacts and subscriptions.

Add Interactivity to Messages

Notifi includes SmartFlow™ conversation templates to enable automated two-way conversations that allow your customers to request and receive information from your back-end systems on demand. Proactive messages can also include prompts for customer responses, such as “Reply ‘Y’ if you are still without power” or a link to the MyAccount section of your website. If you also use our iFactor Mobile apps, you can send text messages or push alerts that link customers directly to the relevant section of the mobile app.

Adapt to Changing Needs

Notifi includes standard alert programs for the most common types of utility communications, including outage, billing, payment and energy usage notifications. And because the Notifi platform is modular, you can easily add new alert programs to meet your customers’ changing needs.

Secure and Scalable Implementation

The Notifi preference database and alert engines are powered by cloud computing to provide on-demand scalability, with encryption to ensure that your customers’ personal information is kept secure.