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iFactor Mobile Apps

Provide your customers with mobile apps that meet them where they work and play

iFactor Mobile apps can help you build stronger relationships with your customers by providing a range of self-service transactions designed for use on mobile devices.


Billing and Payments

E-bills and mobile bill payment let your customers manage their accounts from anywhere. You can also improve customer engagement by providing usage statistics that help your customers understand how their bill works or promoting alternative billing options such as time-of-use plans or budget billing.

Usage Management

Mobile apps can help your customers fully realize the power of the smart grid by giving them access to real-time energy usage data and showing them how their usage relates to their bill. Connecting devices like smart thermostats gives customers even greater control, allowing them to make changes to their usage even when they’re not at home.

Outage Maps and Reporting

Customers without power are looking for information from mobile devices, so offering power outage maps and outage reporting tools in a mobile app just makes sense. You can also connect customers directly to important resources with links or tap-to-call buttons. If you also use our Storm Center outage maps, you can include a mobile-optimized version directly in the apps.

Push Alerts

Connecting Notifi to a mobile app allows you to offer customers the opportunity to register for push alerts. Links within push alert messages can connect to specific app modules, prompting customers to pay their bill or giving them the option to call a customer service representative if their house is still without power after repairs have been made.

Photo Transactions

Our mobile apps can use the camera in a mobile device to allow customers to complete more interactive transactions, such as submitting a photo meter reading or including pictures with an outage report or a repair request.

Contact and Communication Tools

Give your customers one-touch access to emergency phone numbers and your customer service center. Mobile apps can also provide easy access to news, FAQ pages, and your social media sites.