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How do you manage your communications?

Managing an increasing amount of communication on top of other business activities can be a challenge, and the software tools that are supposed to help can make things more complicated if they don’t integrate well. That’s the problem we designed EnergySuite to solve. The EnergySuite platform provides a single point of integration and communication with your back-end systems that passes information along to our solutions.

The Impact of Customer Satisfaction

iFactor’s EnergySuite platform is an integration layer, a single point of communication with your back-end systems that passes information along to our solutions.

Using EnergySuite to focus on improving customer satisfaction can:

  • improve your company’s financial state – reduce the number of payment arrangements, improve your cash flow, reduce your collections costs
  • increase employee satisfaction – reduce the number of unpleasant interactions with customers, lower your costs of turnover and training
  • improve your relationship with regulators – improve utilization of smart grid installation, reduce customer complaints to regulators, open an opportunity to discuss other offerings
  • contribute to your community – improve energy conservation offerings, help consumers lower their bills, spread the benefit of limited assistance dollars further

Preference Management

Providing customers with the option to choose the channels they use for communicating with you increases their satisfaction and reduces the chance that they will have complaints to share with regulators. It also reduces the number of unpleasant interactions they have with your employees, which in turn helps increase employee satisfaction and reduce the costs associated with employee turnover and training.

Account Management

Customers who use communication tools to manage their energy account have access to information that can help them reduce their energy use. Reduced energy use leads to lower bills, and can also help your limited assistance dollars provide help to more customers.

Smart Grid

If you have a smart grid implementation, real-time or near-real-time alerts can help customers take advantage of those resources. For example, the EnergySuite platform can connect to a network of smart meters and trigger an alert when usage on a particular account exceeds a threshold set by the customer. Sending the alert as soon as the threshold is exceeded allows the customer to make immediate changes to their behavior.