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Consumers Energy Adds New Alerts to Support Dynamic Peak Pricing Program

Posted on September 29th, 2016

A big part of the Dynamic Peak Pricing program, a residential demand response program launching next year at Consumers Energy, revolves around “Energy Savings Days,” which are days of peak electric demand, typically the hottest days of the summer. On these days, electricity is very expensive, and Consumers Energy will offer incentives to customers to reduce their energy use during peak hours. Reducing peak demand helps the utility avoid the need to buy more of this expensive energy, build additional power plants, or perform capacity-related infrastructure upgrades, all of which helps the utility’s customers save money. Clayton Engel at Consumers Energy says, “It’s a bit like if a toll road was willing to pay people NOT to drive during rush hour to avoid traffic jams.”

Consumers Energy Critical Peak Pricing email examples

Pre-event and post-event Energy Savings Day email messages

Energy Savings Days occur whenever they’re needed, but since Consumers Energy doesn’t know when these days will occur, the Company needs a way to let customers enrolled in the Dynamic Peak Pricing program know when an Energy Savings Day is scheduled, and to follow up with those customers a day or two after the event to let them know how much energy they saved and how much they earned in bill credits. This is where we come in.

We helped Consumers Energy add alert types to the Dynamic Peak Pricing program by the implementation of our Notifi® solution. Notifi helps Consumers Energy manage the Dynamic Peak Pricing alerts in a couple of ways.

First, the Notifi Preference Center helps keep track of enrollments and contact preferences for all customers involved in the program, comparing contact information with Consumers Energy’s enterprise ERP system. The Notifi system also connects to a variety of back-end systems at Consumers Energy to collect each customer’s total energy saved and rebates earned before packaging the result into an individualized message that goes out to each customer after the Energy Savings Day.

Second, Notifi is able to quickly scale and adapt from the usual state of limited communication to the event state, in which alerts need to be sent to about 300,000 customers in a matter of hours according to each customer’s contact preferences. Reporting in the EnergySuite Admin Console also helps by capturing the delivery status of messages as they’re sent, letting Consumers Energy know which customers successfully received the alerts.

We’re proud to see our solutions help make the Dynamic Peak Pricing program a success for both Consumers Energy and its customers by providing the information customers need to reduce their energy use and their bills.

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